Thursday, May 05, 2005

Copernic Beats Competitors for Best Desktop Search Tool

I've been toying around with desktop search for a little while. I am a very messy person, whether in real life or in the digital realm of computer files so any tool that can help me find my stuff is a good thing.

A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's e-Business Consortium concludes that the Copernic desktop search is better than 11 other desktop search vendors. The study found Copernic's software to be the most well-balanced tool among those evaluated, ranking it above MSN Toolbar Suite, Google Desktop, Yahoo Desktop Search, Wizetech Archivarius 3000, Ask Jeeves, Enfish Professional, ISYS Desktop, dtSearch Desktop, diskMETA Pro, Blinkx, and HotBot Desktop.

Evaluation criteria included usability, versatility, accuracy, efficiency security and "entreprise readiness".

Copernic is a little Québécois company that dreamed big and beat the Yanks. Bien joué.

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 7:56 pm


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