Monday, June 20, 2005

LITA Lib Tech Blog Launch

LITA, the Library & Information Technology Association, known for its annual top technology trends, has launched a new blog named Litablog (ok, ok, I know, everyone is thinking: "Techies may know a lot of stuff, but original names are perhaps not their forte").

Coverage will begin with key American Library Association and LITA conferences, including the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 23-29.

Among the first posts: Top Technology Trends 2005:
  • Live CD’s and massive storage devices are increasingly making the CPU of computers commodity resources
  • Web Services, a technique of disseminating XML data over the Web, are playing an increasingly important role in the dissemination of data and information
  • We are increasingly seeing commercial and non-commercial information be accessible side-by-side
  • The preservation of digital materials is a pressing problem
  • You can decreasingly expect people to come to your website for content
  • Customization is not going away, and gathering personal information is not necessary for personalization

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