Tuesday, June 07, 2005

SLA Launches Click University at 2005 Conference

SLA officially launched its new online member education service Click University at the SLA 2005 Conference on Monday afternoon.

According to the official description, "Click is primarily designed to train librarians and information professionals in core skills such as software and technology use; management, communications, and leadership strategies; and effective practices and methods for the collection, sharing, and use of information and knowledge in the modern working world."

Click University starts off with a variety of content areas: the SLA virtual seminar program, continuing education courses (e.g. copyright law and digital licensing issues), course libraries from various sources, university partner programs (from Drexel University and Syracuse University) etc. SLA members will be able to enrol in certain Drexel and Syracuse programs at a discount and SLA is seeking to expand the list of university-level library and information science partners involved.

One interesting fact: the SLA Conference featured many continuing education sessions and pre-conferences and a number of them had their audio recorded. The audio will apparently be synchronized with the corresponding slide presentations to make the sessions available online through Click University.

And plans to add modules for certificates based on the SLA Core Competencies are in the works.

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