Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Search Engine Overlap Even Smaller Than Assumed

This is a follow-up to my May 16, 2005 item Dogpile Metasearch Displays Results Overlap.

Search Engine Watch reports on a new study that suggests that the overlap between search engine results is even less than it was even a few months ago, meaning that search engines are returning a view of the info world that is even more unique than assumed.

The study was released last week by metasearch engine Dogpile and researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University.

"The implications of these findings are significant for both searchers and marketers. Searchers relying on a single search engine are missing a vast swath of web content that they could easily find simply by trying their queries on other engines... Effectively, for more than two-thirds of all queries, each search engine is likely to give you completely different results."

People can read the study white paper online.


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