Monday, November 07, 2005

U.S. Government for Torture

Now, let me get this straight. We in the West are the good guys, right? Because we stand up for human rights and democracy and the rule of law. Right? They, over there, in all those lawless dictatorships like Iran and Saddam Hussein's Irak, are the bad guys, because they don't respect human rights, they torture, and they violate the fundamental international legal principles of open, fair trials. Right?

Recently, there has been a huge debate in the U.S. over the authorization of torture in the "war against terrorism" [got to pinch myself, this is being seriously discussed in the year 2005, in the democratic West, right?]

Last Friday, U.S. Senators confirmed their support for an anti-torture amendment sponsored by Senator John McCain (Arizona Republican, himself a Vietnam War vet who was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese) and attached to the 2006 defense spending bill. American President Bush has threatened to veto the defense budget if it contains the anti-torture amendment. McCain has stood his ground and specifically ruled out any plans to accept a Bush-demanded exemption that would allow the Central Intelligence Agency to use torture. U.S. V-P Dick Cheney has been the main proponent of this policy behind the scenes:

Some resources on international law and torture:

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