Friday, June 09, 2006

How Important Is Blogging Frequency?

Over the past few months, I have often asked myself how frequently I should post.

Only when I have something truly original to add? Once a day so readers or subscribers always have something fresh to read? When I feel like it? When there is no hockey game on TV?

Eric Kintz of Hewlett-Packard has come up with 10 reasons on Why blog post frequency does not matter anymore: " 'Thou shall post every day' is the most fundamental and most well known principle of blogging. Every new blogger is warned about 'the' ultimate rule and is confronted with the pressure of a day going by with no new post.... Daily posting shows that you are serious about blogging, generates traffic and drives reader loyalty, as readers come back daily to check your new posts. You cannot be successful if you do not go by the rule, right? RIGHT? Wrong. Daily posts are a legacy of a web 1.0 mindset and early web 2.0 days (meaning 12 months ago!). The pressure around posting frequency will ultimately become a significant barrier to the maturity of blogging".

Legal marketing Kevin O'Keefe responds in his blog Real Lawyers Have Blogs: "I agree with Eric that you can create a heck of an effective medium for engaging with your target audience by posting once a week, or even less. But let's not criticize those who are posting more often so as to further engage their audience. And worse yet, try to create global rules for blogging so as to make it easy for executives and corporations who don't want to learn about blogs and RSS".


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