Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Library and Archives Canada Virtual Exhibit: Parliament Hill

Library and Archives Canada has a new virtual exhibit on its website called Canada by Design: Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

It contains photographs, architectural drawings and texts about the history of Canada's Parliament Buildings. The Supreme Court of Canada, where I work, is right next door and I love walking or cycling by the various buildings on the Hill on my way to the Library.

Earlier Library Boy posts about Parliament Hill include:
  • Parliamentary Website Unveils Heritage Artifacts Collection (December 18, 2005): "A few weeks ago, the House of Commons launched an online exhibit of hundreds of the artifacts, paintings, stained glass, metalworks, sculptures and frescoes that are either on display or hidden away in obscure corners of the Gothic Revival style parliamentary buildings."
  • Library of Parliament Renovations Finally Over (May 17, 2006): "The renovations started in 2002 and are part of the large-scale modernization project of the Parliamentary Precinct, which includes one of the finest collections of neo-Gothic buildings in the world. The Library of Parliament is a veritable architectural gem and is a well-known icon of the Precinct."
  • Renovated Library of Parliament Officially Reopens (May 31, 2006): "Yesterday, the 4-year upgrade to preserve and enhance the Library of Parliament building was officially completed. The project cost $136 million."

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