Friday, October 27, 2006

Top Online Research Tools

CNET News compiled a list of Top 10 Research Tools last week.

"It's easy to suffer from information overload when the world's data is at your fingertips. What you need are tools that help you home in on the most relevant facts and organize them. We've rounded up (in random order) some great services that help you go straight to expert sources and keep track of your research. These digital tools can keep you on track--whether you're working on a middle-school science fair, wrapping up a graduate degree, or pursuing a hobby."

The list includes many Google products as should not be surprising.

As well, people may want to have a look at the New York Times Newsroom Navigator, which is a list of search tools used by the staff of The New York Times newsroom.

Canadian investigative journalist Julian Sher has created a website called JournalismNet that contains links to all the search tools you could ever want. The site is updated regularly and one can subscribe via RSS or e-mail for updates.


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