Monday, November 27, 2006

Canadians' Use of Crime Prevention Measures

Last week, the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics released its study on Canadians' Use of Crime Prevention Measures that seeks to "examine the various crime prevention measures employed by Canadians to protect themselves and their property from crime."

Respondents to the Statistics Canada 2004 General Social Survey (GSS) on victimization were asked what crime prevention measures they have adopted. Measures were divided into two broad categories:

"Lifetime protective measures:
The GSS asked respondents if they had ever, in their lifetime, done any of the following things to protect themselves or their property from crime: changed their routine, activities or avoided certain places; installed new locks or security bars; installed burglar alarms or motion detector lights; taken a self-defence course; changed their phone number; obtained a dog; obtained a gun; or changed residence or moved. "

"Routine precautionary measures:
The survey also asked respondents if they routinely did any of the following things to make themselves safer from crime: carry something to defend themselves or to alert other people; lock the car doors for their personal safety when alone in the car; when alone and returning to a parked car, check the back seat for intruders before getting into the car; plan their route with safety in mind; or stay at home at night because they are afraid to go out alone."

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