Sunday, February 18, 2007

More About Blogs Changing Legal Scholarship

This is a follow-up to the February 12, 2007 post entitled More and More Original Legal Scholarship Going Online.

This weekend, Concurring Opinions commented on an interview given by Yale constitutional law professor Jack Balkin to the Yale Law Report. Balkin is one of the authors of the blog Balkinization.

The interview deals with the impact that blogs and open access repositories such as the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) will have on legal scholarship.

"In the legal academy, you will get an increasing integration between blogs and legal scholarship, between blogs and what you read in law reviews. As I mentioned, law reviews are already experimenting with blogs as adjuncts to their online presence. There will be more connections between blogs and SSRN and other online publications. More and more legal scholarship will occur in blog formats, or link to blogs, or cite to blogs, and the distinctions between blogging and other forms of legal scholarship will begin to blur, even if some important differences remain. As this happens, you’ll see the public persona of law professors migrate to their blogs".

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