Saturday, March 03, 2007

Legal Times Blog for US News

The US legal news publication Legal Times recently launched The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times.

From the initial post on February 20, 2007:

"Here at Legal Times, we like to think that we've got a decent little franchise that sits at heart of the power structure in Washington, which is another way of saying that we have our own kiosk at the crossroads of the world. That's not a bad place to be".

"And while Washington is frequently carpet-bombed by every journalistic organization out there, print, broadcast, and otherwise, there consistently exists an opportunity for more, particularly where law, business, and politics intersect. It is through some ever-changing permutation of those factors that everything gets done here. And there aren't that many of us who bother to keep score of those actions the way it needs to be kept".

"This blog then becomes another way for us to do that—albeit in the most accessible, easy-to-digest manner possible. A small addition built on the end of our kiosk. (Hopefully, not a substandard one.) Here, we hope to translate the smaller bits of information that comes across our transom in a given week into something interesting and entertaining (famous last words) on a daily basis. And if possible, perhaps break a little news, too (...)"

"Our other hope is that with these posts, you might get to know the people who make up this publication in a way that will never come through in print. We have an informed, intelligent, eclectic group of journalists who undoubtedly will have something to say that extends beyond the boundaries of our coverage".


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