Friday, April 27, 2007

New Library of Parliament Legislative Summary on Senate Appointments

The Parliamentary Information and Research Service of the Library of Parliament has published a legislative summary on Bill C-43: Senate Appointment Consultations Act:

"As its title suggests, the bill establishes a mechanism for consulting electors in a province with respect to their preferences for the appointment of senators to represent the province".

"Bill C-43 is the second legislative initiative introduced by the government during the 39th Parliament with respect to the Senate. On 30 May 2006, the Honourable Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate, introduced Bill S-4, An Act to Amend the Constitution Act, 1867 (Senate Tenure), in the Senate. This bill proposes that the term of new Senate appointees be eight years, which would be renewable. The subject matter of the bill was referred to a Special Senate Committee on Senate Reform on 28 June 2006. After hearing witnesses, the Committee tabled its report on Bill S-4 on 26 October 2006. The bill received second reading in the Senate on 20 February 2007 and was referred to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (...)"

"Bill C-43 sets out the procedure for 'electing' Senate nominees, and, as such, constitutes a mini Canada Elections Act. It includes, directly or by reference, several substantive provisions of the Canada Elections Act. Indeed, clause 2(2) provides that words and expressions used in Bill C-43 'have the same meaning as in the Canada Elections Act unless a contrary intention appears'."

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