Saturday, October 27, 2007

2007 Ranking of the Global Publishing Industry - Legal Conglomerates On Top

At the most recent Frankfurt International Book Fair (mid-October 2007), the French book industry publication Livres Hebdo presented its 2007 Livres Hebdo Ranking of the Global Publishing Industry.

It lists the 73 biggest publishing concerns worldwide. For the first time ever, the list was published not only in France, but also in Germany (Buchreport), China (Publishing Today), the USA (Publishers Weekly) and Sweden (Svensk Boekhandel).

The picture is one of concentration and fragmentation with a combined turnover of 52,47 billion Euros, 65% of which is accounted for by the top 10 groups.

International publishing is dominated by English-language conglomerates operating in the "specialist professional sector", with big legal/tax/regulatory publishers in the top 5:
  • no. 1 Reed Elsevier - annual publishing turnover of 5,85 billion Euros
  • no. 3 Thomson Publishing - 5,1 billion Euros
  • no. 5 Wolters-Kluwer - 3,7 billion Euros

[Euro = $1,38 CAN]

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