Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Human Rights Blog Tracking List of Arrestees in Pakistan

HRCP Blog, the blog of the independent NGO Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, has been documenting the repression of members of that country's legal, human rights and academic communities since President Musharraf imposed a state of emergency earlier this month.

One of the major targets of what has been described as a coup has been the increasingly independent-minded judiciary of the South Asian country.

The blog has been trying to make sure that the names of people arrested remain in the public eye.

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 7:03 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Human Rights Attorney Ana Marija Nacvalovaite argues that certain human rights may be marked out as being more core than others by virtue of the protection they are given. Though international human rights document do not, on their face, create a hierarchy of rights, the mere fact that certain infringements are criminalized under international law and may be pursued in an international court or domestic court other than that of the jurisdiction where the crime was committed, shows that certain violations offend our basic notions of respect for humanity and human dignity more than others. This must be the case, if it were not we could not explain the billions of dollars are spent on International Criminal Tribunals in order to set an example to the rest of the world that genocide is a most disgusting and barbaric act. The same cannot be said for the protection of freedom of expression. Away form the international criminal area other human rights instruments establish certain rights as non-derogable whilst others are not. This too lends itself to the position that certain human rights are more ‘core’ than others, and contradicts the notion that human rights are equally important. I would propose that though it is vital to uphold human rights standards, the importance we accord them is set on a sliding-scale, which can be measured objectively with reference to the public censure, protection, and punishment meted out when each is violated.

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