Monday, December 17, 2007

RCMP Drug Situation Report 2006

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) today released the Drug Situation Report – 2006.

It is prepared by the RCMP’s Criminal Intelligence Program and describes the illicit drug trade in Canada in 2006.

There are 2 new sections in this annual overview:
  • Drug-generated Proceeds: "This section discusses the estimated lost revenue to organized crime of the drugs seized by law enforcement. The potential revenues are based on the known street-level dollar values assigned to the various drugs as reported across the country (...) In 2006, the total potential proceeds of drug seizures amounted to $2.3 billion (...) For the purpose of this analysis, the lowest street prices were used to calculate the proceeds."
  • Emerging Trends: "As drug law enforcement efforts continue to improve, more drugs are intercepted worldwide. In response, organized crime groups have developed new trafficking routes, exploiting areas of political instability and disorganization, corruption and poor governance in order to ship their products to international markets. There are indications that drug traffickers, particularly those involved with the cocaine and heroin trades, have targeted Africa as a new transhipment point for shipments bound for North America and Europe. Another trend which has arisen concerns the alteration of existing drugs, by adding new ingredients or developing new processing methods. Blending or cutting drugs with these new additives can potentially increase the addictive properties of the drugs, thereby increasing demand and raising profit margins."

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