Thursday, February 14, 2008

Statistics Canada Report on Victimization of Visible Minorities

Yesterday, Statistics Canada published a report entitled Visible Minorities and Victimization showing that Canadian-born visible minorities had rates of violent victimization in 2004 that were three times higher than visible minorities who were born abroad.

"The study, based on data from the 2004 General Social Survey, revealed some differences in rates among visible minorities when place of birth was taken into consideration (...)"

"The study showed that a number of factors could help explain these differences. For example, Canadian-born visible minorities are younger, more likely to be single and more likely to be low-income earners than their foreign-born counterparts. "

"Canadian-born visible minorities also participate in a higher number of evening activities. Previous studies have shown that these factors are related to a greater risk of victimization."

However, the study did show that, in general, visible minorities and people who were not visible minorities were at a similar risk of being victims of a violent crime. As well, the relationship between the victim and the offender was similar for both visible minority and non-visible minority victims, with slightly more than 50% of perpetrators in crimes involving both categories being people known to the victims.

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