Monday, May 10, 2010

Canadian Association of Law Libraries Conference - Vendor Updates

Vendors held a "demo session" yesterday afternoon at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) in Windsor.

Here are some of the enhancements and new products announced.

1) LexisNexis Canada
  • the first edition of the Haslbury's Laws of Canada encyclopedia will be complete in 2010
  • major enhancements to Quicklaw include the addition of links to Halsbury's and to law journal articles to the case citator and of regulations in the statute citator
  • France's Jurisclasseur will be added to Quicklaw
  • Quicklaw is adding a new Quebec doctrine module to include Jurisclasseur Quebec, treatises and LegisPratique
  • LexisNexis Canada is now on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

2) Canada Law Book

  • in the summer, it will launch Employment Spectrum, containing legislation, cases, commentary, summaries and dismissal notice periods (organized by salary, years of experience, age etc.)
  • it is introducing mobile applications - Blackberry access to Ontario Annual Practice and B.C. Annual Practice
  • the first CLB e-Book is coming out this month: David Whelan's "Finding and Managing Legal Information on the Internet". There will be a networkable version as well as a companion blog

3) Carswell

  • the 4th edition of the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest will be complete by the end of the year (220 new volumes) and 88% of CED content now links to Canadian Abridgment digests (100% by the end of the year)
  • Westlaw Canada enhancements will include ResultsPlus (results will show suggested related analysis from the CED and eventually from facta and commentary)
  • some noteworthy new content on Westlaw Canada: expert profiles, quantum services and updated court rule annotations in the Litigator product; the inclusion of more tribunal decisions in case and statute citators; information about citation frequency for case law results (KeyCite limits will now include a limit by citation frequency)
  • after an e-Book pilot with the "Practioner's Income Tax Act" (Blackberry), more e-Book offerings are forthcoming
  • additional loose-leaf titles are being added to the e-Reference Library


  • the daily Jurisprudence Express and Droit du travail express bulletins have now become the Express 2.0 current awareness tool. Digests covering a variety of legal areas are available, offering jurisprudence, legislative news and doctrine (commentary)

5) CCH

  • now on Twitter
  • new content includes: a new Window on GST/HST and an International Financial Reporting Standards for Canada
  • many of the existing e-products have updated online commentary (products such as Canadian Labour Law Reporter , Canadian Family Law, etc.)
  • new or updated tables of concordance on products such as Estate Administration Guide, Family Law Guide, Commercial Law Guide, Employment Pension and Benefits Guide, etc.
  • the Canadian Health Facilities Law Guide is now online
  • there are e-Book versions now for Annotated B.C. Securities Legislation, Annotated Ontario Securities Legislation, Bennett on Bankruptcy and more

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