Monday, August 23, 2010

Changes to McGill Guide to Legal Citation

Last Friday on, Ted Tjaden wrote about recent changes introduced in the 7th edition of the McGill Guide, or Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation as it is officially known, the Canadian Bible to legal citation:

"The biggest change to me in the new 7th edition of the McGill Guide is the aversion to periods (...). As such, we are now admonished to drop periods in almost all circumstances:"

  • "Former: Gould Estate v. Stoddart Publishing Co. (1998), 39 O.R. (3d) 545 (C.A.)
  • New 7th edition: Gould Estate v Stoddart Publishing Co (1998), 39 OR (3d) 545 (CA) [i.e., no periods after the "v" or after "Co" or for the abbreviations for the Ontario Reports Court of Appeal]"

"The other major changes of interest that caught my eye in the new 7th edition of the McGill Guide include:

  • Hyphenating looseleaf to loose-leaf (argh!)
  • The use of 'Delivered at' for delivery of papers at conferences – see Rule 6.13
  • The use of WL Can as an abbreviation for Westlaw Canada in citations to decisions from that database – see Rule 3.8.2
  • Example for citing a blog in Rule 6.16: Karen Montheith, “CIPO contemplating changes – Extensions of time in examinations”, (30 September 2009) online: Canadian Trademark Blog
  • A whole new chapter on citing foreign sources"


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