Monday, August 23, 2010

IFLA 2010 World Report on Access of Information and Freedom of Expression

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has released its World Report 2010:
"The World Report series is a biennial report series that reports on the state of the world in terms of freedom of access to information, freedom of expresion and related issues (...) The 2010 Report has been designed as a customizable interactive electronic publication and can be accessed in different formats through the maps below:
  • The country-oriented map interface on the left allows users to produce a full or partial country report or comparative country reports, depending on choices on the following page.
  • The question-oriented interface on the right allows users to get information on a single question for all countries that have participated in the 2010 Report."
For each of the 122 countries in the report, the authors provide information on:
  • Numbers and facts about national libraries, public, university, school and government funded research libraries
  • Libraries and the Internet (availability of local content, use of filtering and blocking software, Open access)
  • Legal issues (copyright laws, freedom of information, privacy, intellectual freedom protections)
  • Social issues (HIV/Aids awareness, women’s literacy and freedom of access to information, the disabled and freedom of access to information, senior citizens and freedom of access to information, libraries and the provision of universal primary education, libraries and environmental sustainability)
  • Ethics and IFLA initiatives

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