Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nominations Open for 2010 CLawBies

It is time for nominations for the 2010 Canadian Law Blog Awards, also known as CLawBies:

"How to Nominate in 2010:

This year’s nominations deadline is Tuesday, December 28th, and the methods remain the same as in previous years. Publicly nominate a Canadian-authored law blog using ANY of the following:

  1. Tweet your endorsement on with the hashtag text: #clawbies2010. We’ll be monitoring!
  2. Email your favourite blog, including a couple sample posts or any other notable highlights, to Steve Matthews at We’d prefer a public nomination, but this is still acceptable.
  3. Write a blog post about three other Canadian law blogs you currently read, and tell us why those blogs were important in 2010. Our usual rules apply: you must be a humble Canadian and tell us NOTHING about your own blog. In return, we promise both the nominator’s blog and the nominee blogs will receive a thorough review. Plus, you get a chance to plug a fellow Canadian blogger!"

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