Thursday, July 07, 2011

Library of Parliament Outlines Current and Emerging Issues for Canada's 41st Parliament

The Library of Parliament has released a document outlining the current and emerging issues that will face the new Canadian Parliament elected on May 2, 2011. William Young, Parliamentary Librarian, explains:

"The pages that follow illustrate the kind of work we can do for you: 27 concise and easy-to-read briefings on subjects ranging from cybercrime to the impact of demographic changes on public policy. The issues are presented in summary form and represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our subject-matter expertise (...)"

"The sheer volume of information presented at the beginning of a new Parliament may be stimulating, but taking it all in can be a challenge. We hope this publication gives you a good overview not only of today’s current and emerging issues, but also the skills and knowledge your Library offers for your use."

Among the issues of legal significance that the document deals with are:
  • Senate reform
  • ethics and public office
  • aboriginal claims
  • developments in sentencing
  • bilingualism of Supreme Court justices
  • human trafficking
  • trade agreements
  • cybercrime

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