Friday, September 23, 2011

Quebec Government Announces New Judicial Selection Rules

Yesterday, the Quebec government announced a new process for the selection of provincial judges in response to recommendations by a commission of inquiry led by former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michel Bastarache.

The commission examined allegations of influence peddling and political favouritism in the naming of Quebec judges.

Under new regulations to be published October, there will be a new judicial selection panel made up of five members: a sitting judge, two people named by the Quebec Bar Association, and two members of the public, named by Quebec's Office of Professions. The panel will submit a restricted list of three names to the justice minister for each judicial opening, and the minister will pick one name to be submitted to the provincial cabinet.

Under the new system, there will no longer be any permanent list of candidates interested in a judgeship. There will be a new competition for each position becoming available.

Reactions and analysis:
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