Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AALL 2013 Day in the Life Photo Contest

The 2013 Day in the Life of the Law Library Community Contest lasts until February 28, 2013.

This is an annual photography contest organized by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL). It is open to AALL members only:
"Sponsored by the AALL Public Relations Committee, the contest has been popular since its inception in 2005. And what’s not to love? The submitted photos are always fun to look at. They show what law librarians do: work, teach, organize, research, help, laugh, and all the other things that happen in a day. Your photographs also do something else: they promote our profession and share ideas from varied libraries with everyone in AALL. So get going—get everyone inyour library involved, have some fun,and submit your pictures."
Photos can be submitted in the following categories with one winner chosen from each category and one overall winner honoured:
  1. Librarians as Information Evaluators and Managers
  2. Librarians as Teachers and Trainers
  3. The Artistry of Librarianship
  4. Most Humorous
  5. Best Altered Image/Use of Special Effects
  6. Government Information Librarians or Libraries (special category this year)
Winners will be announced at the 2013 AALL Annual Meeting in Seattle.

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