Thursday, February 20, 2014

Survey on Changing Roles and Perceptions of Librarians and Library Technicians

The website of the the CLA Government Library and Information Management Professionals Network, part of the Canadian Library Association, has information about a new survey about the changing roles of and relationships between Librarians and Library Technicians:
"The purpose of this research is to identify the way roles might be changing in the two professions, what the reasons are for possible change, and what methods can be used to improve awareness between the professions."

"The results of this research will be of interest to many, both experienced and new to the professions. Ultimately, the purpose in doing the study is to continue facilitating strong working relationships between the two professions. This study will provide a greater understanding and heightened awareness of each other’s roles and issues with the workplace environment."
The survey runs until March 5, 2014.

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