Monday, March 03, 2014

Supreme Court of Canada Statistics 2003-2013

The Supreme Court of Canada has published statistics on its activities for the period 2003-2013.

The numbers outline the Court's workload during that period, broken down into 5 categories:
  • Cases Filed
  • Applications for Leave Submitted: the number of leave applications submitted to panels of the Court for decision, and their breakdown by region of origin and type of law
  • Appeals Heard: the number of appeals heard by origin and type of law, appeals as of right/by leave
  • Appeal Judgments: information about the disposition of appeals heard (allowed, dismissed) and how many were unanimous
  • Average Time Lapses: average time lines in the life of a case at the Court (including  time between the filing of a complete application for leave to appeal and the Court’s decision on whether leave should be granted or denied; how soon appeals were heard after leave was granted or the notice of appeal as of right was filed; how soon judgments were rendered after the appeal hearing)

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