Monday, October 13, 2014

Updated Library of Parliament Legislative Summary of Cyberbullying Bill

The Library of Parliament recently updated its legislative summary of Bill C-13 known as the "cyberbullying bill":
"Bill C-13 deals with:
  • the offence of non-consensual distribution of intimate images;
  • offences committed by means of telecommunication; (...)"
"One aspect of the bill addresses cyberbullying, which has been in the news, particularly in relation to the high-profile cases of Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd. Rehtaeh Parsons attempted suicide in April 2013 (and was later taken off life support) after pictures of an alleged sexual assault were distributed which led to various types of bullying. Amanda Todd committed suicide in October 2012 after experiencing blackmail online and facing threats that topless pictures of her would be distributed on the Internet, a practice known as 'sextortion'."

"Also in October 2012, the federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for justice and public safety asked officials to look into potential gaps in the Code in relation to cyberbullying and the non-consensual distribution of intimate images. The resulting Report to the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety: Cyberbullying and the Non-consensual Distribution of Intimate Images was published in June 2013 and included recommendations that are integrated into Bill C-13."
It is possible to follow the progress of the bill on the LEGISinfo website. LEGISinfo also includes links to background material and to parliamentary debates and committee reports on the proposed legislation.

The bill is set to pass third reading in the House of Commons after this Thanksgiving weekend before heading to the Senate.

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