Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ontario Legal Community Asks: Are Law Libraries Still Relevant?

According to a Law Times article this week entitled Are law libraries still relevant?, the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as LibraryCo., a non-profit entity that runs many of Ontario's law libraries locate in local courthouses, want to undertake a review of the system.
"The enhancements coming out of the review of the system will vary by jurisdiction, he [Joseph Neuberger, president of the Toronto Lawyers Association] notes."

" 'What Toronto-based lawyers may need at the 361 University [Ave.] law library is different than somebody who is practising possibly in Timmins. So we have to look at each jurisdiction and determine what are the specific needs that need to be served for the lawyers in that area'."

"As the review gets underway, there are already some ideas on what new components a revamped system could have."

"Connie Crosby, vice president of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries and a consultant in library management, says the upcoming review should consider incorporating practice management support for sole practitioners and smaller firms."

"Another growing area in which law librarians are providing assistance is competitive intelligence, according to Crosby. That involves monitoring competitors and industries to help law firms see what’s changing and where opportunities lie, she notes."

"Law libraries could also do more to help firms with information management as well as make sure lawyers are aware of all of the services they offer, she adds."
The last review took place 15 years ago.

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