Thursday, October 20, 2016

Free Access to Thousands of Reports from the US Congressional Research Service

The research reports of the Congressinal Research Service (CRS) in Washington are usually not easily accessible to the public.

A new website called has been launched by a bipartisan coalition. The site currently includes 8,255 CRS reports including many in the areas of American Law, Crime Policy, Constitutional Questions and many others:
"CRS is Congress’ think tank, and its reports are relied upon by academics, businesses, judges, policy advocates, students, librarians, journalists, and policymakers for accurate and timely analysis of important policy issues. The reports are not classified and do not contain individualized advice to any specific member of Congress."
"Until today, CRS reports were generally available only to the well-connected.
Now, in partnership with a Republican and Democratic member of Congress, we are making these reports available to everyone for free online (...)"

"We redact the phone number, email address, and names of virtually all the analysts from the reports. We add disclaimer language regarding copyright and the role CRS reports are intended to play. That’s it."

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