Wednesday, July 18, 2018

CanLII Launches Authors Program

CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute that makes Canadian legal information (caselaw, legislation and commentary) available to the public for free, is launching the CanLII Authors Program:
"Starting today we accept submissions of legal commentary from the legal community. If you are the author of a text that you would like to see on CanLII, whether it was published elsewhere before or not, you can now submit it to us for inclusion in our commentary section."

"We know that the legal community as a whole writes a great deal more valuable content than what can be easily found using existing tools. This may include papers professionals submit when they agree to give a presentation at a CLE event, or long papers that are posted on their firm’s website, etc. We also know that many established authors would rather contribute their work to CanLII for it to be available openly and circumvent closed publishing channels."
CanLII already publishes law reviews, reports, newsletters and case commentaries.

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