Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Recent Research Publications from Canada's Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament has published a number of interesting research publications recently:
  • Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression: Legal Boundaries in Canada: "This paper explores the different types of restrictions that have been used in Canada to address the promotion of hatred and other related and potentially harmful forms of expression, such as the glorification of terrorism or the display of an intent to discriminate. It includes information on other ways in which crimes motivated by hatred are addressed in the criminal sentencing process and are tracked by law enforcement agencies. It also reviews some aspects of the debate surrounding ways to address hate propaganda."
  • The Role of Parliamentary Secretaries: An Overview: "Parliamentary secretaries are members of Parliament from the governing party who are appointed by the prime minister to assist Cabinet ministers with their parliamentary duties. Under the direction of these ministers, parliamentary secretaries handle routine matters in the House of Commons, engage in committee work as non‑voting members, and assume some extra‑parliamentary responsibilities. Thus, parliamentary secretaries act as a link between ministers and other parliamentarians. Some may be given special assignments as well. Moreover, the office can serve as a training ground for future ministers or as a way of rewarding members of the government caucus. This provides an overview of the role of parliamentary secretaries and how this office has changed over time." 
  • Taxation and Regulation of Digital Currencies: "Some believe that one day, digital currencies might replace a significant portion of currencies that governments have declared to be legal tender in their country, avoiding regulatory oversight and control. Therefore, the challenge for governments and regulators is to develop a regulatory environment for digital currencies and fintechs that fosters responsible development of these technologies, while protecting consumers, investors, businesses and the financial system. In Canada, legislation and/or regulations related to digital currencies exist with respect to taxation, money laundering and terrorist financing, securities and other financial regulations that affect fintechs."
  • Federal Legislation affecting People with Disabilities: Where We Are Today:"While there is currently no overarching federal disability legislation in Canada, the idea has garnered attention for decades. Many voices, including a parliamentary committee, a federal task force, and advocates have called for legislative action to remove barriers to full participation and ensure the equality of people with disabilities (...) The introduction of federal accessibility legislation ('An Act to ensure a barrier-free Canada') is expected to benefit not only people with disabilities but also their caregivers. In a society where approximately 3.8 million Canadians aged 15 years or older have reported living with disabilities that limited their daily activities, any legislative reform is likely to have a major impact from coast to coast to coast."

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