Sunday, April 14, 2019

Supreme Court of Canada Publishes Its First Annual Year in Review

Last Friday, the Supreme Court of Canada released its first ever Year in Review, an annual document describing the Court’s activities in the preceding year.

In his introductory message, the Chief Justice of the Court, the Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, writes:
"Our first judges could never have imagined how technologies like cable news, social media, and smartphones would change our world. Today, these are the media through which many Canadians learn about and interact with their public institutions, including the Court."

"The Supreme Court, its judges, and staff are dedicated to finding ways to better serve you. We’re leveraging technology and new media to better communicate with you, wherever you live, in both of Canada’s official languages."

"This document is part of that. We’ve also become more active on social media (Facebook and Twitter); please follow us! And we’ve started publishing Cases in Brief that explain our decisions in plain language, so everyone can understand them."

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