Sunday, June 28, 2020

University of Melbourne Global Bibliography of COVID-19 Legal Literature

The University of Melbourne Law School in Australia has created a regularly updated bibliography of COVID-19 legal literature from around the world.
"The literature in Part A primarily includes scholarship and professional literature and is divided into broad topics, beginning with general literature followed by specific topics. We have only included each article under one topic heading, even if it is appropriate to be listed in two or more topics. A note on the jurisdiction is included if this is not immediately obvious from the title. We have only included literature written in English."

"Part B lists selected organisations with dedicated COVID-19 legal publications pages."

"Part C lists blogs or other online fora (...)"

"This bibliography was compiled by the Melbourne Law School Academic Research Service, using the following journal article databases: Index to Legal Periodicals (EBSCO), AGIS (INFORMIT), Westlaw UK Journals, Westlaw Canada Journals, HEIN, SSRN and Google Scholar. Few scholarly journals have yet published COVID-19 articles - although many journals have ‘relaxed’ the usually stringent peer review process in order to get articles published quickly, the process is still quite lengthy, so most scholarship listed is in its pre-publication form on eg: SSRN. Many of the SSRN articles have been uploaded independently by SSRN scholars, rather than as part of, for example, a research paper series."

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