Monday, September 13, 2021

Annotated Bibliography of COVID-19 Legal Literature on AustLII

AustLII, the open access Australasian Legal Information Institute, hosts the Annotated Bibliography of COVID-19 Legal Literature that was created by the Law School at the University of Melbourne.

The bibliography refers to literature from over 100 countries:

"Part A includes scholarship and selected professional literature. It begins with books and then other literature, which is divided into broad topics - general legal literature followed by more specific topics. Where appropriate, we have included articles under two or more topic headings. A note on the jurisdiction is included if this is not immediately obvious from the citation or abstract. We have only included literature written in English, and relevant literature in other languages is thus inevitably excluded."

"Part B lists selected organisations with dedicated COVID-19 legal publications sites."

"Part C lists selected websites, databases, special issues of journals, blogs and other online fora."

The blog of the International Association of Law Libraries has background on the project

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