Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Law Reform Commission of Ireland Consultation Paper on Compensating Victims of Crime

The Law Reform Commission of Ireland has started a consultation process to look into how victims of violent crime are compensated. 

As part of the exercice, it has issued a Consultation Paper.

It covers:

  • the nature of awards of criminal injuries compensation;
  • who should be eligible to receive compensation;
  • how the criminal injuries compensation process operates;
  • who should make decisions on compensation awards and how to fund any modified scheme;
  • how to avoid secondary trauma to victims;
  • what kinds of non-monetary supports should be offered to victims;
  • what a reformed statutory scheme should look like

Among other things, the paper examines the  development over time of compensation programs in Ireland, as well as the origin of state-funded victim compensation schemes internationally. It also traces the development and recognition of victim’s rights, particularly the binding legal obligations that arise for EU Member States.

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