Thursday, April 28, 2022

HBR Consulting Report on Law Firm Library Priorities for 2022 and Beyond

The Chicago-based firm HBR Consulting has just published a white paper on Law Firm Library Priorities for 2022 and Beyond: Enhancing Client Service Delivery and Firm Operations Support.

The document is based on US experience but the conclusions can probably also serve in the Canadian context:

"The abrupt shift to a virtual environment over the past two years made law firm leaders acutely aware of the valuable role that library/information service departments play in their firms. When COVID-19 lockdowns forced us into remote working conditions, law librarians quickly shifted into 24/7 providers of legal research services and access, which quite literally kept the firm working."

"While 2020 was a year in which legal information professionals reacted to change, 2021 was a year in which they began to rethink those changes to evaluate which shifts were temporary and which ones are likely to be permanent. We believe 2022 will be the time to capitalize on the gains made and further the level and reach of service provision."

"HBR’s 2021 whitepaper 'Are you Maximizing the Value of Your Firm’s Library? Three Law Firm Library Areas to Prioritize' laid out three recommendations for maximizing a law firm library’s value, strategically positioning both the department and the firm for the future. Those priorities included cost management, talent and service delivery, and client-centric focus. One year later, our recommendations build on those priorities, evolving to reflect the changing market conditions and offer new considerations for maximizing value in the year ahead."

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