Monday, March 07, 2005

New international French-language legal portal

People who need to find French-language legal information have a wonderful new tool to test drive.

According to an e-mail announcement I received, Phase3 of Droit francophone was "soft launched" last October (i.e. it went live but with little publicity).

But the organizers of this international portal waited until the search engine had built up an index of more than 1 million pages from thousands of French-language legal and governmental sites before making a big announcement.

The site can be used both in search mode and browsing mode. Browsing can be done by geographical region (Belgium or Quebec or Canada, etc.) or by category (legislation, case law, legal news and commentary, portals, associations, law schools etc.).

Phase3 is a project of the Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie, the cooperation agency of the organization of French-speaking states known as La Francophonie, and it was carried out in close cooperation with LexUM, the research team based at the Centre d'étude du droit public (Public Law Research Centre) of the University of Montreal.

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