Monday, March 14, 2005

What We Do for a Living - A Newspaper Gets It

A Louisville (USA) business newspaper has what I call an accurate description of what law librarians do every day. The article is entitled "Michael French walks the legal maze in role as firm librarian."

I particularly liked the quote from French: "My goal is to make it easy for the attorneys to practice law."

My variant on that is to explain to friends and acquaintances: "I make sure the lawyers get the information they need so they can win cases."

My older brother, a civil litigator in Montreal, and my younger sister, a Crown prosecutor, have a more cynical way of describing what I do: "You pass us the ammunition we need to kill the other side". Not exactly how I would put it, but we have been known to call my sister the "Paratrooper" ("La parachutiste" in French)

I say tomayto and you say tomahto...


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