Thursday, April 07, 2005

Canadian Government Information on the Internet Site Shuts Down

One of my favourite government information pathfinders, "Canadian Government Information on the Internet", is defunct.

Created by Mount Allison University reference librarian Anita Cannon some 10 years ago, CGII as it was known was a great way to find government information for all levels of government: federal, provincial, and municipal. CGII listed sites but also offered abstracts briefly describing the government information available.

In a brief e-mail message to a government documents librarian list, Cannon wrote:

"(A)fter several years of no longer being funded, (CGII) was removed from the Publishing and Depository Services web site on April 1st. I thank everyone at the former Depository Services Program who managed the site over the years and especially all of the government documents librarians and others from across the country who contributed their time and expertise in providing content. The site was unique in its scope and organization and helped provide access to Canadian government information on the Internet when other options did not exist."

An archived version of CGII should be made available at the Library and Archives of Canada website.

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