Monday, April 18, 2005

Cost of a Baseball Game in Different Cities

This is a follow-up to my post on baseball fever resources.

The Fan Cost Index compares the cost of attendance at sports matches for a family of four. The Index takes into account two adult average price tickets, two child average price tickets, four small soft drinks, two small beers, four hot dogs, two programs, parking, and two adult-size caps. A no-frills evening at the ballpark.

Most expensive major league baseball park: Boston, coming in at $276.24 U.S. Cheapest: Kansas City at $119.85 U.S. A Toronto Blue Jays game is almost exactly the average, at $164.53 U.S. (league average is $164.43).

The Index also has stats for the NBA, the NFL and the NHL. Football is the most expensive game. A family of 4 pays an average of $321.62 U.S. for a game.


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