Thursday, April 21, 2005

Overview of Government Revenues/Spending

The 2004 edition of Finances of the Nation is now available online. This is the ninth volume in the annual series by the Canadian Tax Foundation that studies the revenues and expenditures of the federal, provincial, and local governments of Canada.

It is one of the only places that allows one to easily see and compare how each level of government gets and spends your money.

Table of contents:
  1. The Structure of Canadian Government
  2. Summary of Budgets
  3. Taxes on Individuals
  4. Taxes on Business
  5. Sales and Other Taxes
  6. Property and Related Taxes
  7. Other Revenue
  8. Transfer Payments
  9. Social Services
  10. Education
  11. Health
  12. Transportation and Communications
  13. Protection and Defence
  14. Resource Conservation and Industrial Assistance
  15. Other Expenditures
  16. Public Debt
  17. Crown Corporations

    Appendix A: Financial Management System Perspective: All Governments
    Appendix B: Economic Perspertive
    Appendix C: Financial Results for Selected Municipalities

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