Monday, May 02, 2005

EISIL International Law Resource in Private Practice

I came across a recently published article on on how private law firms can use the free resource EISIL, the Electronic Information System for International Law.

Interesting coincidence, because a few days before the article appeared, I had come across EISIL by sheer luck in my hunt for background info on how to serve documents in a foreign jurisdiction.

As the LLRX. com article author writes, EISIL is "designed for anyone – from the international law novice to the expert – who needs to do international legal research. EISIL covers topics across the breadth of international law – including several topics that are particularly relevant for private practice..."

The great value of the collection lies in its selectivity and in the descriptive annotations that accompany each resource.

EISIL topics that can be useful for private firms include:

  • International Economic Law – trade, investment regulation, competition, tax
  • Private International Law – family and adoption, international judicial assistance, judgment enforcement
  • International Dispute Settlement – including arbitration, mediation and conciliation

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