Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Trends in Critical IT Issues 2000-2005

Educause Quarterly, a journal about the management of information resources and technology in higher education, launched its annual Current Issues Survey in 2000 by asking representatives of its member institutions to identify critical IT issues in response to each of four questions about IT in the higher education sector.

This year, the journal synthesizes six years’ worth of trends. It is interesting to see which issues have remained, which have grown less and which more important since the beginning of the decade.

Many of the issues and concerns raised apply outside the academic environment. As for the top ten current issues for 2005, according to the article, they are:

  • Funding IT
  • Security and Identity Management
  • Administrative/ERP/Information Systems
  • Strategic Planning for IT
  • Infrastructure Management for IT
  • Faculty Development, Support, and Training
  • E-learning/Distributed Teaching and Learning
  • Governance, Organization, and Leadership for IT
  • Enterprise-Level Portals
  • Web Systems and Services

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