Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Top Tech Trends

More top tech trend postings have appeared on the new blog of LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) that I mentioned 2 days ago:

Marshall Breeding writes about the consolidation of the library automation business (Sirsi and Dynix just merged), the rise of enterprise computing systems and the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots in libraries.

Roy Tennant has a blurb about Web 2.0 (web services or "technologies [that] provide a way for information to be sucked out of multiple, separate, and distant systems and rendered in the user’s browser as a rich, highly interactive interface").

Thomas Dowling posts about the need for much more progress in areas such as browser- and resolution-independent web design, library catalog design and user authentication.

Sarah Houghton muses about library training branching out into non-library topics like file sharing and blogging, the need for lighter-weight virtual reference software packages, the need to boost technology training for staff and the "brave new frontier" of remote services (streaming video/audio of events , digital delivery of ILL items, and video reference assistance).

K.G. Schneider at Free Range Librarian adds her thoughts to the discussion - and her posting attracted a huge list of comments from other tech watchers.

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