Thursday, July 14, 2005

All Harry Potter, All The Time

If you're a total Harry Potter nut (of if your kids are total Harry Potter fanatics), you can now get complete Harry Potter news coverage from top fan and official sources, updated automatically throughout the day. Make sure to try the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator RSS feed.

On a related note, the Scotsman newspaper has reported that new research by the UK Federation of Children's Book Groups shows that Harry Potter books have had a major impact on literacy and reading habits.

Key findings of the study based on surveys of 1,000 UK children:

  • 41% said the Harry Potter books have made reading cool
  • 39% said they would miss their favourite television programme to read the new book
  • 66% said most of their friends have read Harry Potter
  • 70% of teachers say that Harry Potter books are talked about in the playground

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