Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What Keeps the Info Security People Awake at Night

Found the reference to this one on the beSpacific site.

The online edition of the Wall Street Journal has a July 18 article entitled Where the Dangers Are - The threats to information security that keep the experts up at night -- and what businesses and consumers can do to protect themselves.

It takes the reader through a veritable rogues gallery of Net nasties. I knew about worms and viruses and hackers and phishers but I added a few more words to my information security vocabulary: botnets, malware writers, blackouts, and something known as "border gateway protocol" that could allow hijackers to reroute Internet traffic and "crash the Net".

The article describes the various possible forms of attack against the Internet infrastructure and users' computers, as well as the techniques security people are thinking up to try to prevent bad things from happening.

An eye-opener.


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