Monday, August 01, 2005

Law Journals - Staying Current

I've been using a current awareness service called Current Law Journal Content from the Washington and Lee University Law School for some time now.

The School covers more than 1000 law journals from around the world. Scans of journal content pages are supplied by the University of Texas Tarlton Law Library, Washington and Lee, other libraries, or are received electronically via e-mail, web-sites, or RSS feeds.

Current Law Journal Content can be used in a number of ways:
  • to display all the tables of contents for issues added during a user-selected date range
  • to search for words in article citations (author/title/abstract/journal name fields)
  • to link to tables of contents for any one of the 1039 individual law journals

People can also set up an e-mail subscription to receive weekly alerts of new tables of content.

One can customize the list of journals for which content information will be sent as well as the format of the transmission, including how new items are sorted (by journal name, date added, impact factor assigned to the law journal in Washington and Lee's Most-Cited Legal Periodicals list) , whether to add a link to the journal's website home page, whether in "full" or "brief" format, etc.

People can also add their own institution's openURL server if it has one.

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