Saturday, September 24, 2005

Online Copyright-Related Courses Beginning in October and November

There are 3 interesting courses on copyright issues being offered online via the Canadian Library Association's Continuing Professional Development program.

They are:

  • Practical International Copyright Law Oct. 10-28 : The meaning and role of international copyright law including key organizations, and what it means to you; principles of international copyright law and how to apply them to your everyday copyright issues; how to enforce your copyrights on an international basis and how to deal with international copyright infringements; exploitation of rights internationally and global license agreements; obtaining permissions to use content from other countries; the future of international copyright -- what's covered, what's not, and what you have to be aware of now.
  • Managing Copyright Issues Nov. 7-Dec. 9 : Who in my enterprise is responsible for being copyright compliance? How do we obtain permission to use copyright-protected materials? How do we audit our enterprise's own copyright-protected assets? How do we begin to develop a written copyright policy?
  • Digital Content Management Nov. 7-Dec. 9 : The use of digital content in enterprises, governments and institutions is exploding. But who is managing that content? And what are the rules? Can I republish licensed content? Or post it on our Web site? Can I store it, and forward it to others? Can I save digital content in our enterprise's database? Over the past few years, most enterprises have established procedures for managing computer software to ensure compliance with software licenses and copyright law. These same enterprises are now uncertain of the rules for managing digital content. Such management involves legal, strategic, policy and practical considerations.

All 3 courses are given by Lesley Ellen Harris of She is the author of the books Canadian Copyright Law (3rd ed. 2001) and Digital Property: Currency of the 21st Century (1997). She is also the editor of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: For Libraries, Archives & Museums.

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