Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 2005 Issue of Marketing Treasures Available

The most recent edition of the library newsletter Marketing Treasures is available online.

In this issue:
  • Tips For Holding Brainstorming Sessions: "Brainstorming sessions are frequently used by marketeers to generate names, taglines, product innovation, promotion themes as well as addressing product and service issues where ideas are needed to solve a particular problem."
  • Promotion Gems - Pollak Library Advertising Slide Show: "Rachael Clemens, Distance Education Librarian at the Pollak Library, California State University ... got the idea from commercial advertisements that you might see projected onto large buildings in placea like downtown Los Angeles and Times Square in New York City... Rachael explains that she 'adapted the idea ... by developing a long, continuously looping PowerPoint slide show that displays on a very large wall over the library's Reference Desk area. This is a high-traffic area in our library and adjacent to a large computer lab'."
  • Blueprint For Your Library Marketing Plan: "Hot off the ALA press is a book that has earned a spot on our recommended reading list. This is a hands-on book that not only outlines marketing concepts in the context of library settings, but goes the extra mile of providing worksheets, diagrams, and activities which help readers put marketing concepts to work. And we're not talking about a couple of anemic forms. This book is packed with thoughtful worksheets designed to get you thinking and to put your marketing plans on track. Here's a sampling of the contents the authors walk the reader through: Strategic plans, data mining, target markets, assessing the current marketing situation, positioning, competitor audit, and more."
  • Marketing SOS Lifesavers: "Kari Martin at Eastern Kentucky University Libraries was looking for ideas for a Centennial celebration that fit within a $3,000-$,4000 budget. Here are some ideas submitted by colleagues via the PRTalk Listserv - a creative and imaginative group!"

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