Sunday, December 18, 2005

Parliamentary Website Unveils Heritage Artifacts Collection

A few weeks ago, the House of Commons launched an online exhibit of hundreds of the artifacts, paintings, stained glass, metalworks, sculptures and frescoes that are either on display or hidden away in obscure corners of the Gothic Revival style parliamentary buildings.

To view many of the 5,000 art objects in the House collection, one would normally need many different security passes to get into various "secure" parts of the House of Commons, the Prime Minister's office, private opposition and government lobbies and personal offices. 900 of the 5,000 objects are included on the website along with detailed background information.

The artifacts are in the care of the Curator's Office created in 1989. Information about the objects was compiled from original purchase documents, minutes of the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy (the parliamentary committee that oversees operations of the House), records from Public Works and from Library and Archives Canada.

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