Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Library of Parliament Backgrounder to the 39th Parliament

A new Library of Parliament publication entitled Government and Canada's 39th Parliament: Questions and Answers was just released in the latest edition of the Weekly Checklist. The Weekly Checklist is a guide to Canadian government publications made available to depository libraries. This particular document is for depository libraries only but is well worth the effort to track down.

The document is structured as an FAQ that deals with issues relating to the transition to the next parliament that will emerge from next Monday's federal elections.

From the intro: "It explains how parliamentary and government activities are affected during an election period and describes the situation of various key political players – the Governor General, the Prime Minister, ministers and MPs – between the dissolution of one Parliament and the beginning of the next. One issue of particular interest is that of minority government, a scenario that may well transpire again following the general election of 23 January 2006. This document considers the constitutional, conventional, and practical implications of a minority government."

The document answers such questions as:
  • When will a new parliament be called to sit?
  • When do MPs begin receiving allowances and services?
  • How does a minority government affect the operation of the Senate?
  • Are there any special rules regarding a minority government?
  • What is Canada’s experience with minority governments?


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